Sometimes I photograph fairytale houses on the countryside. Sometimes I give the realtors a hard time for taking photos of properties from bad angles. Sometimes I make Youtube-videos about triathletes in velodromes. Perks of not being specialized in any particular field… hehe.

Here are some photos from today. Tomorrow night I will start editing the videos. One will be vlog style and the other on a “How to”. Gonna be fun. I’m also working on a video about Andreas’ coaching. So a lot of movie making going on.

Now we are going to relax from work and watch a Matrix movie. Tomorrow I’m back at the real estate office.

0568-aerotest-palma-2017-2 0582-aerotest-palma-2017-5 2953-aerotest-palma-2017-7 2986-aerotest-palma-2017-82997-aerotest-palma-2017-13 3002-aerotest-palma-2017-14 3031-aerotest-palma-2017-19 3042-aerotest-palma-2017-230570-aerotest-palma-2017-4

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