Endless poppy fields

June 6, 2018By Ida CarrPhotography No Comments

Andreas and I are in France at the moment but everyday we long for the house, our cats and the endless poppy fields. Oh, Mallorca. It’s been a couple of rough months and weeks. The change of environment and some work free days was exactly what I needed. My energi is coming back. I can run … Read More

Intense roadtrip

August 30, 2017By Ida CarrDays No Comments

After a race that did not turn out as we hoped for we returned to Mallorca.We took some time off to go on a road trip through Europe on our way home. We decided to visit two of the best “vegan cities” Berlin and Turin. Unfortunately we just had time for maximum 2 restaurants per city … Read More

Shooting an aero test in a velodrome

January 17, 2017By Ida CarrDays, Photography No Comments

Sometimes I photograph fairytale houses on the countryside. Sometimes I give the realtors a hard time for taking photos of properties from bad angles. Sometimes I make Youtube-videos about triathletes in velodromes. Perks of not being specialized in any particular field… hehe. Here are some photos from today. Tomorrow night I will start editing the … Read More

This is where I start

January 15, 2017By Ida CarrDays, Photography No Comments

We spent the Christmas in Sweden but flew back to Mallorca as soon as we could. When we got back we just left the bags in our flat and took the bikes to Portixol. Sun was shining from a blue sky and we had vegan sushi and burger, sweating in our t-shirts. Lovely. That’s how … Read More

We are on Youtube!

September 1, 2016By Ida CarrDays No Comments

Nowadays you can find us on Youtube! It’s pretty hard and new to me, this video production thing, but it is so much fun and I really love it.  


August 29, 2016By Ida CarrDays No Comments

In the middle of the night I woke up by raindrops on my face. The ceiling wasn’t raining in. We were sleeping outside on the terrace. Another thing to love about Mallorca. Well, I do not love that we had to move in in the middle of the night, dragging in the mattress. But I … Read More

Together again

November 16, 2015By Ida CarrDays, Photography No Comments

Seventeen days later he came back home. It started to get a little boring, so I’m happy! We started with a quite boring day, getting some ordered furnitures and so on. Sunday we spent watching the sea with heavy hearts. It was hard not to keep Paris is mind. But we tried to think about … Read More

A Portixol evening

May 25, 2015By Ida CarrDays No Comments

Lovely Portixol. Magical light. Delicious drinks. Yesterday Andreas and I took a walk down to Portixol. Sat down at Portixol Corner and ordered two mojifresas. So nice.