Six months in the real estate world

October 27, 2014By Ida CarrDays No Comments

Suddenly six months were gone. In may I got a new client, the swedish real estate agency Buy a Home Mallorca. I’ve been working with web and marketing. Mostly online stuff but also print. I was nervous when I started. Not because I was thinking I couldn’t make it. But maybe I had got to … Read More

Wedding at Ulvön

July 29, 2014By Ida CarrPhotography No Comments

So much to blog about, so little time. We’ve been in Sweden since the end of June and soon it’s time to go back to Mallorca for more work. Triathlon Camp Stöten went well and we’ve also been working with our webshop. We also had a little bit of time for private events, like Fredrik … Read More

Not behind the camera

February 15, 2014By Ida CarrDays, Photography No Comments

Today I was infront on the camera and not behind it, for once. Needed som new pictures of my self so I convinced Andreas joining me for a photo session in the Palma sun and 19 degrees celcius. Well. maybe I didn’t have to convince him for very long. It was a beautiful day with … Read More

Mucho trabajo…

December 9, 2013By Ida CarrDays No Comments

Right now I have ALOT of job to do. One big job is for a jewellery shop in Palma. They need both a new web site and to setup a newsletter, before Christmas. With only a few more days to go it’s intense, but sometimes you need to take some time off to, to rinse … Read More