This is Caroline Sveistrup. She will be seen in Swedish television the coming months, in Bachelor! I’ve been wanting to do photo shoots with her for a while, and when she finally started her blog she needed some good photos. Perfect! I love shooting people (that always sounds terrible, I mean with a camera ;)) and how gorgeous isn’t she?!

 caroline-sveistrup-edit2-3 caroline-sveistrup-edit2-1 caroline-sveistrup-edit2-7 caroline-sveistrup-edit2-12 caroline-sveistrup-edit2-9caroline-sveistrup-juli-15-9caroline-sveistrup-juli-15-12caroline-sveistrup-juli-15-18caroline-sveistrup-juli-15-23caroline-sveistrup-juli-15-30

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