We spent the Christmas in Sweden but flew back to Mallorca as soon as we could. When we got back we just left the bags in our flat and took the bikes to Portixol. Sun was shining from a blue sky and we had vegan sushi and burger, sweating in our t-shirts. Lovely.

That’s how we started the new year. Blue sky. Light jackets.

I’m continuing my job in the real estate agency, which is fun since it’s quite calm still. It’s been fun working on the blog with Maria and we still have some weeks to go doing interviews.

Another exciting thing is that I decided to dedicate more time to photography, especially wedding photography, in 2017. I loved doing it and felt that it’s something I want to do more of.

But there are so many things on my list. I need a new logo and some business cards that I never get to.

And oh yeah, we are officially Palma citizens now! We don’t have our Swedish company anymore. Instead I have my own Spanish autonomo which feels great. It’s a little scary, letting everything go in Sweden. But I think it’s the right decision since we really want to make Mallorca our home.

So, here is where I’m starting 2017. My favourite place in the world. With new challenges ahead.

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